BHM Car Parking Airport

For those who regularly fly in or out of Birmingham, Alabama, the modernization of the terminal should be a welcome bit of good news. Making an already convenient service even more useful, this project aims to help BHM car parking airport provide even better services to the flying public.

More options available in BHM car parking airport

It is now easier than ever to gain access to your vehicle from any terminal at the airport. New color-coded zones are now provided on all parking levels, which has generous space for up to 5,600 vehicles. If that isn't enough, there is also an additional 900 spaces available at the airport’s remote lot, which is easily accessible via a complimentary shuttle service.

Making BHM car parking airport even more convenient is the airport’s cell phone lot, which can accommodate as many as 40 vehicles with no time limit. This is a particularly useful service for people that want to have their ready and waiting for their pickup call. Better still, this service offered by BHM car parking airport is totally free of charge.

BHM car parking airport rates

BHM car parking airport are available in hourly and daily rates. These rates are as follows:

  • Hourly rate: $1.00 per hour or $24 per day
  • Daily rate: $1.00 per hour or $12.00 per day


As you can see, you can save a considerable amount of money by going with daily parking if you intend to leave your car behind for more than a day or two. In fact, if you intended to leave your car for several hours, it might just be a more cost effective option to simply shell out for daily parking. BHM car parking airport in fact recommends going for the daily rate if you need to park your car at the airport for longer than 4 hours.

The hourly parking spaces can be accessed easily enough from the terminal. All you have to do is head to the 3rd level of the parking deck via the entrance ramp to the main deck. To get to Concourse C, it would be best to park at the C, D, and E zones of the BHM car parking airport facility. This will involve taking the crosswalk or elevator to the ground level.

Daily parking at BHM car parking airport can mainly be found on level 2 and level 4 to 7. In addition, there are also a limited number of daily parking spaces on level 3 of BHM car parking airport. If you are planning to park a large vehicle, you will have to enter BHM car parking airport at the ground entrance.

Additional features and services

BHM car parking airport also comes with a remote lot that accommodates vehicles for extended periods. In addition to the main parking facilities, this remote lot allows BHM car parking airport to offer even more parking options to a growing number of customers in need of quality parking in and around the Birmingham airport area.  





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