Car Parking Airport Prices

For those who have been closely monitoring car parking airport prices in recent years, the upward trend is readily apparent. All over the country, car parking airport prices have been on the rise along with the costs of pretty much everything else. And this has understandably caused some concern among those who travel frequently and wish to leave their cars behind at the airport. The good news however is that in the face of rising car parking airport prices, there are actually a number of alternative solutions.

Spiraling car parking airport prices

Just like in any other area that is frequently visited by many people, physical space at airports is often available at a premium. Because of the high demand for space, property rental prices tend to be quite steep. And this is the main reason why car parking airport prices have been rising significantly over the past several years. While you would have once been able to find car parking airport prices in the $10 to $20 range, today's prices are closer to $20 to $30 marks, particularly in busy airports. And in the major urban centers, car parking airport prices can be even higher.

How to beat current car parking airport prices

For people who frequently have to fly out and leave their cars behind, it seems that there is little to do but accept high car parking airport prices. However, there are ways to get around these spiraling costs. All it takes is a fair amount of research and comparison shopping, along with some shrewd selection, and you just may be able to manage car parking airport prices more effectively. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go for off airport parking facilities
  • Pay for long-term parking services
  • Look for parking coupons and other discounts


Off airport parking gives you pretty much all the benefits of on airport parking, with a slightly reduced level of convenience. Such facilities are often located a few minutes away from the airport, where rental costs generally aren't as expensive. And for this reason, car parking airport prices in off airport facilities are often several dollars lower per hour than the rates in facilities located only a short distance away.

Going for long-term parking arrangements will also help you cut costs considerably. While daily parking rates are acceptable for trips that require you to leave your car for only a few days, weekly and even monthly rates are more cost effective options for those who frequently go on longer trips.

You can also ease the burden of car parking airport prices somewhat by using parking coupons and discounts. These can often be found in the shopping supplements of daily newspapers, and they may even be available right from the airport parking facilities. You may have to be on the lookout for such coupons for weeks before you actually come across them, but the low car parking airport prices that they provide will definitely be worth the wait.




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